The latest FEWS Net Monthly Price Watch was released this week, citing stable international maize, rice, and wheat prices in December. Maize prices were over 30 percent lower than their December 2012 levels; global maize stocks are expected to hit their highest levels in over a decade due to near-harvest records in the United States, high stocks in South America, and decreasing overall use estimates.

The latest FEWS Net Monthly Price Watch was released yesterday. The report sees declines in the majority of international prices, with the exception of soybeans.

The latest FEWS Net Monthly Price Watch was released today, reporting considerable declines in the price of wheat and maize in the past few months. Between June and August, monthly average international maize prices dropped significantly due to improved harvest prospects in the United States; current harvest prospects suggest that prices may drop even further in the coming months. Global maize stocks are also projected to rise to their highest levels in nearly a decade.

The latest FEWS Net Monthly Price Watch was released last week, citing generally stable international staple grain prices.

The latest FEWS Net Monthly Price Watch was released today. The report saw stable global rice and wheat prices in May, although wheat prices remain at high levels. Rice production is on track to surpass last year's record harvests, and rice prices are expected to remain relatively stable for the rest of the year. Global maize prices increased on delayed planting in North America, caused mainly by poor weather conditions.

FEWS NET has released their latest Monthly Price Watch for December. The report cites high but stable international wheat and maize prices, and predicts declines in international soybean prices in 2013.

The latest edition of the FEWS NET Monthly Price Watch is citing sustained high international cereals prices in October, particularly for maize and wheat. While unfavorable weather conditions in key exporting countries have contributed to keeping wheat and maize prices high, recent reductions in demand estimates, particularly from the feed industry, have kept prices relatively stable at high levels.

In its latest Monthly Food Price Watch, FEWS NET reports that global rice production for 2012/2013 is expected to be the highest on record. Global soybean production prospects also improved with a 10 percent increase for 2012/2013; however, strong global demand is expected to keep soybean and soybean oil prices high. While global wheat prices remain high, production is only expected to decline by six percent. However, trade policies in key wheat exporting countries could exert further pressure on prices.

The latest FEWS NET Monthly Price Watch was released on Friday. The report states that international grain prices stabilized at higher levels in August and began to decline in September as more information about the extent of U.S. crop damage due the drought became available.

International grain prices spiked sharply in July and have since stabilized at higher levels, according to the latest FEWS Food Price Watch. The August report reflects deteriorating weather conditions in several key exporting countries. The US drought has had a severe impact on both maize and soybean prices, while earlier South American crop losses have put further upward pressure on soybean prices.