Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America, with an estimated 44 million people. While Colombia is considered a middle-income country, 21 million Colombians are poor and 6 million live below the level of extreme poverty (WFP 2012). Economic growth has been hampered by a decades-long conflict that has threatened infrastructure, displaced populations, and generated large debts.

Agricultural Production
Agricultural Production2011201220132014
Rice Production
FAO 2013
2,009,945 MT2,317,710 MT1,996,580 MT1,828,254 MT
Wheat Production
FAO 2012
12,754 MT8,990 MT8,346 MT6,488 MT
Maize Production
FAO 2012
1,719,795 MT1,872,855 MT1,779,069 MT1,881,652 MT
Soybean Production
FAO 2013
75,436 MT86,634 MT85,942 MT98,783 MT
Agricultural Exports
Agricultural Exports2010201120122013
Rice Exports
FAO 2013
102.00 MT131.00 MT14.00 MT28.00 MT
Wheat Exports
FAO 2012
0.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT
Maize Exports
FAO 2013
1,159 MT974.00 MT1,537 MT1,864 MT
Soybean Exports
FAO 2012
265.00 MT378.00 MT244.00 MT313.00 MT
Agricultural Imports
Agricultural Imports2010201120122013
Rice Imports
FAO 2013
6,298 MT42,563 MT115,692 MT151,646 MT
Wheat Imports
FAO 2012
0.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT
Maize Imports
FAO 2010
3,613,900 MT3,224,048 MT3,450,663 MT3,635,280 MT
Soybean Imports
FAO 2013
353,409 MT275,939 MT285,254 MT360,624 MT