FAO GIEWS released today the November 2011 Final Food Outlook, a comprehensive analysis of the global agricultural market situation. According to the report, the outlook for the agricultural commodities markets remains difficult to predict; despite improved supply prospects and weakening demand for several important commodities, volatile prices and the uncertain global economic situation continue to play a part in high food prices.

The report provides market assessments and summaries for staple commodities such as wheat, rice, and oilseeds, as well as cassava, sugar, dairy products, and meat.

November's report also introduces the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), the initiative established by the G20 to enhance transparency and information-sharing regarding global agricultural markets. A major challenge to food security worldwide is a dearth of accurate, timely information. AMIS aims to address this challenge through monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of markets and policy developments.

Download the full report.

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