The latest edition of the FEWS NET Monthly Price Watch is citing sustained high international cereals prices in October, particularly for maize and wheat. While unfavorable weather conditions in key exporting countries have contributed to keeping wheat and maize prices high, recent reductions in demand estimates, particularly from the feed industry, have kept prices relatively stable at high levels. Global soybean prices also remain stable, but the report predicts soybean prices may see a decline in early 2013 with the start of South American harvests, which are anticipated to be large.

Regionally, prices continue to vary considerably. In West Africa, prices remained stable or began to decline as harvests continue. However, some food-deficit zones saw a slight increase in prices due to declining imports from food-surplus zones. East Africa saw some seasonal decline in cereals prices; however, below-average production, high transportation costs, and conflict continue to impact prices in Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan. Southern Africa also experienced price increases with the start of the lean season.

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