The ongoing crisis in the Horn of Africa has shown that the challenge of food insecurity is alive and well. The 2011 G20 meetings have paid particular attention to the issues of high food prices, food price volatility, and food insecurity. G20 leaders have involved leading international institutions, such as the FAO, IFAD, WFP, and IFPRI, and have established several action plans to address these important issues.

View a presentation by Maximo Torero (Division Director, Markets, Trade and Institutions Division, IFPRI) on food security and the G20.

Download the scoping report on the Agricultural Market Information System, designed to improve food market transparency and information-sharing.

Download the pilot proposal for the PREPARE Emergency Humanitarian Food Reserve System.

Learn more about the G20 Action Plan.

Learn more about the G20 Interagency Report on food price volatility.

Learn more about the Agricultural Market Information System.

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