Although it has declined in recent years as a percentage of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the agricultural sector sustains the livelihoods of 45 percent of Pakistan’s population (FAO 2012). In particular, wheat production is a mainstay of the country’s food security, with 24 million tonnes of wheat produced in 2010. Rice production has also doubled since 1980 and is now one of the country’s major export crops.

Agricultural Production
Agricultural Production2011201220132014
Rice Production
FAO 2013
6,160,400 MT5,535,900 MT6,798,100 MT7,005,000 MT
Wheat Production
FAO 2012
25,213,800 MT23,473,400 MT24,211,360 MT25,979,399 MT
Maize Production
FAO 2012
4,338,380 MT4,220,100 MT4,944,210 MT4,695,000 MT
Soybean Production
FAO 2013
89.00 MT17.00 MT65.00 MT63.00 MT
Agricultural Exports
Agricultural Exports2010201120122013
Rice Exports
FAO 2013
4,178,838 MT3,412,505 MT3,422,723 MT3,822,012 MT
Wheat Exports
FAO 2012
4,950 MT2,087,422 MT137,133 MT121,564 MT
Maize Exports
FAO 2013
229,396 MT249,406 MT365,187 MT127,868 MT
Soybean Exports
FAO 2012
76.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT
Agricultural Imports
Agricultural Imports2010201120122013
Rice Imports
FAO 2013
1,925 MT21,052 MT11,421 MT61,169 MT
Wheat Imports
FAO 2012
4,950 MT2,087,422 MT137,133 MT121,564 MT
Maize Imports
FAO 2010
12,338 MT13,096 MT17,687 MT24,369 MT
Soybean Imports
FAO 2013
143.00 MT3.00 MT6.00 MT1.00 MT