The tools presented in this section allow users to quickly browse up-to-date data for four major agricultural commodities (wheat, rice, maize, and soybeans). Users can click on the tabs up top to view the information related to a particular commodity or the links in the right hand navigation menu to change which set of data they would like to view by commodity name. For more information about the data behind the tools, click on the About tab for each commodity data set.

The Annotated Price Timeline tools provide a timeline of monthly prices dating back to 2007, annotated with monthly synopses of market-related news. The tools also include data for international exchange rates and oil prices, as well as related news headlines.

Annotated Wheat Price Timeline
Annotated Maize Price Timeline
Annotated Rice Price Timeline
Annotated Soybean Price Timeline

The Main Market Players tools provide information and data regarding major market shareholders for each commodity. Users can view data on production, exports, and imports based on the top 25 main country producers of the past five years.

Wheat Main Market Players
Maize Main Market Players
Rice Main Market Players
Soybean Main Market Players