While the impact of rising food prices may be clear, the root causes of the problem are not. The role of various short- and long-term factors, such as the growth of commodities futures markets and changing levels of grain stocks, continues to be debated. This new tool by IFPRI, in collaboration with Sophic Systems Alliance examines the extent to which media (specifically global print media outlets) may also impact food prices and price volatility.

The IFPRI Food Security Analysis System was developed in collaboration with Sophic Systems Alliance Inc. using an integrated configuration of the Sophic Intelligence System (SIS) and the Biomax BioXM Knowledge Management Suite. This powerful software combination uses sophisticated linguistic and semantic object network-mapping algorithms to analyze the relationships between key terms found in media articles that influence commodity price volatility. IFPRI Food Security Analysis System provides end-users with an intuitive Wiki interface designed to help users easily identify co-occurrences of relative food security related terms that are then displayed in color coded heatmaps showing frequency of pair-wise relationships of terms found in news articles. Each day, the global food- and commodity-related news articles located on the News section of the Food Security Portal are loaded into the Food Security Media Analysis System. Sophic then updates the news article database and mines the complete corpus to generate up-to-date media daily analysis to produce valuable information that may influence global commodity price volatility and food security.

To access the Food Security Media Analysis tool, please use one of the following six logins:
Once logged in, use the two keyword search fields at the top of the page to enter your desired search words or phrases. **Please note that at least one keyword must be entered in each field.

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